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Recorded on 5/14/2020

Relationship-based Behavioral Intervention and De-escalation

Crisis situations can leave a wake of difficult thoughts and feelings. Students and teachers can feel lingering shame, anger, fear and confusion for days—even weeks or months—after a traumatic event. The good news is that crisis situations do not have to be harmful to a relationship, and in fact, they can serve as a doorway to deeper trust, intimacy, and respect.

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Recorded on 5/7/2020

Relationships That Work

Most of us already know that relationships matter in any field, but particularly in education. The question is: how? How do I build life impacting relationships with students? How do I build resourceful relationships with my colleagues on campus? How do I build supportive relationships with my students’ parents?

There is a framework—the practice of four essential skills that will posture and position any educator to a place of relational readiness. 1) Reflecting (on why I am here); 2) Directing (the fuel of my emotion); 3) Connecting (building relational bridges across differences) and 4) Protecting (my mind, my heart, and my body from toxic, hurtful people).

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Recorded on 4/30/2020

Embracing Diversity: Building Connections Across Differences

The old saying is true: birds of a feather flock together. The reason is humans are neurologically hard-wired to resist change and fear difference. That can be a good thing sometimes, but not always—especially when we are tasked with building relationships across differences. Gender differences. Generational differences. Learning differences. Racial differences. Socioeconomic differences. Religious differences.

When we don’t engage specific communication strategies, our busy will keep us from connecting with others, especially when others are different. But by practicing a few simple communication and behavioral strategies, we will be much more equipped to build meaningful relationships across differences.

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Recorded on 4/22/2020

Mental Health First Aid in the Classroom

The National Alliance on Mental Illness data show that one in five adolescents between the ages of 13 and 18 will experience a severe mental illness, and only 20 percent will receive treatment. We know, then, that our students are coming to us with mental health needs that are greater than ever before. This can feel overwhelming, especially when we want to help our students achieve to their fullest potential and are not sure how to.

We don’t need to be a cardiac surgeon to perform CPR, and sometimes CPR can save a life. Similarly, we don’t have to be a licensed mental health professional to provide basic mental health first aid in the classroom.

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Recorded on 4/2/2020

SEL for Home School? Absolutely!

Got emotion? I’ll bet you and your children do: excitement, frustration, fear, confusion, relief. The list could go on. Emotion is the fuel that drives our behavior, and behaviors can get tricky–especially when we’re trying to adjust to changes (like, say, a PANDEMIC!).

This webinar will help you understand the five ways we typically respond to emotion, including ignoring, inhibiting, invalidating, inviting, and instructing. It will also equip you with a four-step process to help your child become skillful in directing the fuel of emotions in ways that are life-giving and adaptive.

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Recorded on 3/26/2020

The Front Lines of Mental Health Intervention

COVID-19 has everybody on edge. Schools are closing. Many of them don’t know when (or if) they’ll even reopen. Whether students return to your buildings or not, the show must go on. But how do you keep students (and families) engaged when their entire world (and yours) literally gets upended overnight?

Nationally recognized school psychologist and author Adam Saenz invites you to a special online presentation, as he demonstrates how to harness the power of stress and uncertainty and turn it into a force good in your schools.

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