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             Educators are being asked to do more than ever before. That means your chance to make a difference is greater than ever — and so is the need for EQ in the classroom. It was a teacher who inspired our founder, and it is in hundreds of schools across the country where we do some of our most important work. We’d love to help your school start the journey. The best Tier 1 intervention for every student is an emotionally-healthy adult.


How We Can Help…

Question:  How do we know Which interventions are already in place, and how can we supplement them?

Answer:  A comprehensive Needs Assessment

Our approach is to supplement, not supplant, interventions that are already in place on your campus or in your district.  Having identified those interventions, we will create processes that fill in the gaps so you can be sure you are giving your students all SEL support possible.

Question :   How do we equip our faculty and staff to deliver SEL services across all settings?

Answer:   Professional Development

You’ll find a list of our workshops here.  Our goal will be to create a training agenda that most effectively aligns with your district’s SEL vision.  We offer training by the hour, by the half-day or by the full day.  

question:   How do we develop and nurture SEL skills in our students?  

Answer: Our K-12 Social and Emotional Learning Curricula

After having participated in appropriate professional development, teachers will then be prepared to lead their students through our Heart Smart Classroom curricula.  The Hearts Smarts Classroom curricula was designed to be practical, developed by teachers for teachers.  This includes a teacher guide (here is a sample: Third Grade Teacher Guide Sample with preset learning outcomes and discussion points, and a student workbook for each student in the classroom (here is a sample: Third Grade Student Workbook Sample .  Think of it as a guided feelings journal for each student, allowing the students to develop the five SEL competencies: self-awareness, self-regulation, empathy, social skills, and effective decision-making.  

Question:   How will we know if we are implementing SEL strategies appropriately, and what if we are struggling with some part of it?

Answer:    Fidelity Monitoring

We want to partner with you across all of your SEL efforts–not just the beginning.  As you begin to implement the strategies and curricula, we offer individual and group coaching in person or by webinar.  Fidelity monitoring is the process by which we fine tune implementation, working out any kinks that may arise as we lead our students into greater emotional intelligence. 

Question:  How will we know if our SEL efforts are working?

 Answer: Program Evaluation

We will track pre- and post-measures of teacher self-efficacy and the presence of emotional intelligence in the classroom: teacher-to-student, student-to-student, and student-to-teacher.  To what degree are we demonstrating self-awareness and self-regulation?  Empathy and social skills?  What about effective-decision making?

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Business & Corporations

The business world is starting to realize the importance of emotional intelligence. Whether it’s Millennials shifting workplace norms, the digital transformation transforming communications, or the revolution in customer service expectations, businesses need to be more emotionally intelligent. Are you ready to step up?

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Anyone who dedicates themselves to a sport knows that it is taxing both physically and mentally. There is a lot on the line for individuals, teams, and everyone who works with them. The secret weapon that has long been overlooked is emotional intelligence. Our EQ training systems position both coaches and athletes to harness stress and other challenging emotions as a fuel to drive peak performance.

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