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Relationships That Work

Written in partnership with adolescent therapist Jeremy Dew, this book reveals how teachers can increase job satisfaction and personal fulfillment by connecting with others. Each chapter is packed with strategies, reflection questions, and assessment tools.

“Hi, Adam

I want to let you know how much I appreciated your event today at UMA. I was in tears the whole time and it was extremely enriching to attend.

As a future Social Worker and lifelong human behavior analyst/geek, I found myself nodding along to the whole presentation. It’s so nice to see someone value the WHYS and HOWS of human behavior. We attend a lot of seminars here with the basic premise of “working harder” or “being optimistic” but I very much appreciated your authenticity in your message. With the risk of sounding like a self-help/academic know it all (lol), it’s not often that I hear something refreshing and new. But, I was happy to hear your experience, adaptation to that experience, and your take on how to deal with life here on earth as human beings. It seems like you are very closely aligned with your purpose here because it feels so meaningful when you are delivering your story.

Thanks again,

C. Templeton”

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