Workshop Description:

Being an effective professional and having a satisfying personal life do not have to be mutually-exclusive endeavors. In fact, when we are mindful about creating the right personal infrastructure, we can actually build excellence in both arenas. It won’t happen, though, without deliberate planning and goalsetting.

Key Questions: Have individuals in my organization found the sweet spot between rust out and burnout? What are we doing organizationally to model and encourage work-life balance?

Take away: Hard work is necessary, but without a template for balance, a steady output of hard work is not sustainable. Don’t let your organization lose its cutting edge.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand the devastating short and long-term effects of life imbalance and the causes that lead to imbalance.
  • Understand the meaning of wellness in five core areas of life, including physical, occupational, emotional, financial, and mental.
  • Identify strategies to increase well-being in each of the five core areas of life.
  • Understand the sources of stress
  • Identify adaptive fight-or-flight strategies to maintain peak performance though stress
  • Set SMART goals to increase well-being in each of the five core areas.

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