Workshop Description:

A “problem” has been popularly defined as a puzzle looking for an answer. In the workplace, that puzzle can be a problem occurring now that requires immediate attention, or a problem that can be expected in the future. In the absence of a set protocol for problem-solving, we typically default to emotion-based decision making, which can hold tremendous liabilities for the individuals and groups involved, and for the organization as a whole. The most effective solutions are those that invoke a creativity process and empower groups in the decision.

Bottom Line: People who take a “wing-it” approach to problem-solving end up with a tail-chasing approach to life. Don’t let your organization suffer that way. Mindful, deliberate and creative problem-solving will keep your organization on track.

Key Questions: Is decision-making in my organization characterized as a highly emotional process? Have we implemented problem-solving process that will result in creative, adaptive solutions?

Learning Outcomes:

  • Identify the steps in problem-solving
  • Identify the relationship between problem-solving and decision-making
  • Understand the basic steps in the creative process
  • Understand the blocks to creativity and how to overcome them

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