Workshop Description:

Remember? You went into education to make a difference! But is it really possible to build the kinds of life-impacting relationships with students in educational systems that have the potential to leave you physically and emotionally drained? Licensed psychologist Dr. Adam L. Saenz answers with a resounding, “Yes! In this keynote address that was delivered in part as TEDxYale feature, Dr. Saenz presents two case studies that will encourage you by reminding you that that what you do in your role as an educator doesn’t just matter—it matters deeply. We in education are uniquely postured to make life-changing impacts in the students with whom we interact every day.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Participants will understand wellness defined in each of the five core areas
  • Participants will complete the 50-item Wellness Inventory and graph the resulting data to gain a visual representation of how well their life wheel is balanced.
  • Participants will implement practical strategies to grow wellness in each of the five areas of wellbeing.

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