Strength Through Crisis

Helping school leaders and their teams identify and nurture wellness in 5 core areas of life

COVID-19 has turned everyone's world upside down. This crisis has affected our minds and bodies in many adverse ways. Teachers and staff have been asked to change how they work while balancing personal anxieties and family stress. This course was designed to EQ-uip your school team with the coping skills and social-emotional balance to move forward with strength and purpose.

Learn. Nurture wellness. Build strength.

How does crisis impact my body? My finances? My relationships? My career? Facing these difficult questions leaves us feeling physically weak, emotionally vulnerable, and professionally unproductive. When we struggle to connect, students suffer. Psychologist and author Dr. Adam Saenz created this comprehensive self-paced course to help school-based teams overcome fear and uncertainty in favor personal and professional balance.

Meet Your Instructor, Dr. Adam Sáenz.

Nurture wellness in 5 core areas of life.






This course includes 14 modules!

Rationale for Course, Learning Outcomes, and Overview

What is Occupational Well-being?

What is Emotional Well-being?

What is Financial Well-being?

What is Spiritual Well-being?

What is Physical Well-being?

The Wellness Inventory

Nurturing Occupational Wellness

Nurturing Emotional Wellness

Nurturing Financial Wellness

Nurturing Spiritual Wellness

Nurturing Physical Wellness

Avoiding the Pitfalls of Change

Summary and Conclusion

Educators who achieved strength through crisis

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I’m leaving here with a full heart and new energy!!

Margie K

I was sad the time ended…thank you very much. I am inspired.

Tracy SPrincipal

I will be a better person because of you. Thank you.

Vickie S

The only thing I would change about this workshop is that we would have more days with you!

Shelly H.Principal

This has been the best PD I’ve had the privilege to participate in in some time. Thank you!

Ginna M

“I wish we had more time with you!! I want to go even deeper into these concepts!! I so need this, and so does my staff!”

Stephanie HPrincipal

The only three things I would change about today are: 1) another day with you; 2) another day with you; 3) another day with you.

Stacy B

This was one of the best trainings I have attended during my thirteen-year career.

Latisha B

I'm interested in bringing this to my school or school district.