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The EQ Intervention

Emotional intelligence in the classroom matters more now than ever. The EQ Intervention is the product of years of research and experience by licensed psychologist, substitute teacher, coach, and school district consultant Adam L. Saenz, who has worked for years within schools nationwide to improve the emotional health of both faculty and students. Here, he presents an accessible, deep-dive exploration into the critical value of practicing Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) skills in the classroom—for both students and faculty—to decrease student violence and aggression, and to increase student academic performance and positive relational engagement.

Within these pages, Dr. Sáenz explores how he and his clinical and research teams developed the research-based assessment called the Educator Assessment of Social and Emotional Learning (EASEL). The EASEL provides valuable information about your personality style, your own SEL skills, and your vulnerability to stress. This tool is the backbone of Dr. Saenz’s work to increase emotionally intelligent leadership in districts, on campuses, and in classrooms.

“In The EQ Intervention, school psychologist Adam Saenz offers teachers practical Social and Emotional Learning skills that will help them maintain effective relationships with every student, every day.”

Todd Whitaker, Ph.D. Author of What Great Teachers Do Differently

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